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Monday, 13 May 2013


Windows 2000/XP
Intel or AMD 2.0GHz Processor......
512MB RAM......
1.8GB Hard Disk Free space
DirectX 9.0......
128MB DirectX Compatible Video Card........
DirectX 9.0c Compatible 16-Bit Sound Card........


Game Description:

Three years ago Radical Entertainment Critics and audiences by providing high-quality Incredible Hulk is equally surprised. A good comic book movie licensed game is a very unusual thing. A sly sense of humor Hulk game free world, some decent story missions and fun game was infused with a small number. Looked great on the PS2. After three years and a console generation, closer to reality as the game gives us the edge, but add a fully destructible New York City. And yet, the new Incredible Hulk ultimate destruction with very weak Radical Sports Fun stuff does not remember anything.Download this game after install this game palying and enjoy.
The Incredible Hulk movie is based on, the story is represented in a small game. In Rio you are under pressure starts with Bruce Banner, on behalf of the Government and will be occupied up about. danipcgame He is Hulk and fight your way to escape. Nothing to do with the movie Hulk battles the next eight hours, the grasps of the New York Independent Enclave need to look. Recreations of scenes from the film story with a few wraps, but it is a bit disjointed. It did not help that poorly cut scenes are short and often last just a few

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